Friday, September 30, 2011

Quick & easy party decorations

I made these super simple decorations from yarn that I had on hand to decorate our home for Jeremy's birthday party.  (Sorry for anyone local who wasn't invited, our home is fairly small, so we stuck mostly to our community group for the guest list and still had a little over 20 people, which had us bursting at the seams).  There are tutorials all over the internet for these pom poms, so I'll spare you the details, except that I wound yarn 60 times, around 2 fingers, and then cut the loops to make the poof.  Simple, easy, and free (by using supplies that were gifted to me), plus I love instant gratification crafting... when projects take shape in an hour or less.  I think I may even do a repeat of using these for Noah's birthday, and a baby shower that I'm throwing in January.  You could also easily vary the colors to match any holiday... purple, yellow and green for Mardis Gras, red, green, and white for Christmas, and so on.

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