Wednesday, September 14, 2011

called to nurture

Lately I've been spending a bunch of time talking to Jesus about what His purpose and plans are for me in this current season of life.  This season in which I work inside our home, rather than going to a job in an office.  This season in which I'm entrusted with shepherding the hearts of two little boys, who will grow up to be men, hopefully men who love Jesus.  This season in which my days could seem very ordinary, insignificant, and mundane, doing the same thing day in and day out, if I'm not in tune with the Spirit, and how He is at work in, through, and around me.

This is a season where the Lord has me first and foremost strengthening my relationship with Him.  My days tend to be quiet, with lots of time to reflect, to talk to Jesus, to be in His Word, to enjoy the beauty of His creation.  And since He has been filling my cup, I am able to pour out His love to others.  To my family, to my friends, to those in need.

The number one area in which He has been telling me to invest lately has been to nurture my family.  To nurture them spiritually, physically, and emotionally.  To be constantly interceding for them, and saturating our home in prayer.  To pray, read, and discuss God's Word with them.  To nurture them physically by preparing nutritious meals for us to eat.  To nurture them emotionally by maintaining a peaceful home, that can serve for a sanctuary for us to retreat to.  A home that we enjoy being in.  A home that is an environment of communication, of service to each other, of learning, of fun, and  of play.  A home that we can use to minister to the needs of others, in which we frequently practice hospitality and fellowship.

To an outsider, my days could seem to be about housework, changing diapers, and entertaining kids, but I know that my days are filled with Kingdom fruit, with service to the Lord, and the overwhelming awareness of His presence and majesty. 

So friend, whatever it is that you are called to do, do it for God and His glory.  Offer yourself as a living sacrifice to the King of Kings, for He alone is worthy, and the peace that He gives when you are right where He wants you transcends all human understanding!

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