Wednesday, September 28, 2011

48 weeks

Here is what is going on with Noah this week according to;

Your baby is a custom-made, 100% original – even if he happens to be a triplet! That means that your baby is going to do things in his own way, on his own time. Your baby might be perfectly content to sit on the floor, playing with toys. He might have little to no interest in pulling up. That’s OK. Some babies are more physical, more daring. Others prefer to watch the action and learn from the example of others.   Don’t worry if your baby is “behind.” The ages listed for various developmental milestones represent the timeframe when most babies achieve those particular skills. There will always be some babies – some perfectly fine babies – who fall outside of the norm.   Besides, it’s not uncommon for babies to focus on one area of development at a time. If your baby isn’t standing yet, there’s a good chance that he’s talking more than your neighbor’s baby, the one who’s already walking. It’s almost as if babies have only so much attention; when they focus on one skill, others lag temporarily. That’s also why some babies appear to “forget” a skill. If your baby has recently stopped waving – after waving at everyone from the mailman to the preacher last month – it’s probably because she’s moved on to another skill. In time, the waving will return.  But what if you really think something is wrong? If your gut is telling you something just isn’t right, call your doctor. Parents’ intuition is often right on! You should also consult your doctor if your child isn’t vocalizing, interacting or moving independently.
A few short months ago, your baby used his mouth to explore everything. Now, he’s much more likely to use his hands. Before, he crammed everything in his mouth, testing it for size, texture and shape. Now he can hold and manipulate objects – and discover valuable info about an object’s size, shape, weight, texture and intended usage. He can even toss or throw the object to see how it moves through space. Of course, that doesn’t mean that your baby will never chew on anything again. Many kids eat dirt well into their third year!

Noah is getting more and more verbal.  He talks all of the time, and now he's starting to put together more words than just sounds.  Now he says mom/mama, dad/ dad, yes, yeah, Noah, that , beep, bye bye, duck, and no no.  He also knows what sounds lions and sheep make, and can roar and say ba ba when we see them in books.

Whenever we hear music Noah bounces/ dances and claps his hands.  When he does something he likes with a toy he'll stop and clap his hands to celebrate also.  All day long Noah points at things and says "that" over and over again.  He still loves to play in the tub, or to be outside, and to read.  Now when Jeremy gets home and walks in the door Noah says dad.

We're still continuing to give Noah tastes of the foods that we eat.  This week he really loved the avocado pasta, spinach artichoke casserole (his first time eating spinach, mushrooms, and pasta), and the pumpkin oatmeal that I made.  He also tried black eyed peas, black beans, and corn for the first time.

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