Wednesday, September 7, 2011

45 weeks

Here is what is going on with Noah this week according to;

Your baby probably enjoys looking at books and leafing through the pages, though she won't always turn them one by one. Indulge in great picture books, like Anno's Journey, by the great Japanese artist Mitsumasa Anno, Tamara Hoban's Is It Red? Is It Yellow? Is It Blue?, which introduces primary colors through photos of everyday objects, and The Snowman, by Raymond Briggs, a full-color cartoon book about a snowman who comes to life. Or stick with sturdy and inexpensive board books that can stand up to small fingers.  To add variety to your baby's reading time and to find out what appeals to her the most, try your local library or the kids' section at a family-friendly bookstore.

Your baby has probably been wrestling with bouts of separation anxiety during the last several months. This is natural: She loves and depends on you, so she's distressed when you leave.  To ease departures, make them short and sweet. Be matter-of-fact when you leave your child at daycare or with a babysitter at home, and don't prolong the agony with extended goodbyes. Your baby's tears will subside soon after you're out of sight.

You can help your baby feel more independent by not hovering over her all the time. Of course, she still needs to know that you're around and dependable. So if she toddles to another room, wait a couple of minutes before following. If you go to another area of the house, call to her when you're in the next room — but don't come running every time she squawks.

This kid is seriously so cute, and so much fun!!!!!  He can't get enough reading and constantly brings us books to read to him.

We are currently working on trying to get him to wear shoes.  At first when I put them on him he won't put is feet on the ground at all.  After some good distraction I can get him to stand up and walk a bit in them, but he is a little more clumsy than without the shoes.  Hopefully after a few more days he'll get the hang of it.  He walks all around the house constantly.  I'd say that about 95% of his moving around is walking rather than crawling now. 

He is loving have Luke here 3 days a week to play with again.  Those two boys enjoy each other so much that it's hard to get them wound down enough to take a nap.

He seems to understand bye-bye now.  Most times when someone leaves our house, or when we leave somewhere he will wave and say buh-buh. 

There have only been a couple of times ever that he has cried when we left him, for the most part he tends to do really well when we aren't around.

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