Wednesday, September 21, 2011

47 weeks

Here is what is going on with Noah this week according to;

Your baby’s needs are pretty simple. He needs food, clothing, space to explore and someone to watch over him. That’s it. No expensive gadgets required.  Sure, there are plenty of gizmos out there that promise to turn your child into the next whiz kid, but the truth is that most babies do just fine with the basics. You don’t need a fancy baby food steamer; at this age, your baby is more than capable of handling finely chopped table food. You don’t need an elaborate activity center for your baby; most babies much prefer to explore the kitchen cupboards anyway.  Low-tech parenting can feel a bit strange – after all, we live in a more-is-more culture -- but you and your child can have lots of fun with empty boxes, books and spoons. Your little scientist will be particularly fascinated with toys and objects that allow him to sort, compare and categorize. Try giving him an assortment of different-sized boxes, and show him how they fit into one another. Hand him some measuring cups and a bucket in the bathtub and let him learn about volume. Attach yarn to an empty box and show him how to haul toys from one room to another. (Better yet – let him figure it out on his own!) He’ll improve his eye-hand coordination, refine gross motor skills and develop an understanding of size, shape and the physical properties of matter. (And you thought your baby just played all day!)

Although it will be awhile before your baby is ready for charm school, it’s not too early to instill some manners. Your baby won’t be able to say, “please” and “thank you” for some time, but good manners are never a waste of time. If you treat your baby (and others) with respect, your baby will learn to treat others with respect. So the next time your baby offers you a bite of his half-chewed cookie, smile and say, “Thank you.” Then pretend to take a bite!

Noah is doing well.  Now that he's close to being a toddler, he isn't changing at such an aggressive rate as he was in the beginning. 

All day long he points at things and says "that", over and over again.  He has also seemed to take an interest in sharing, and brings whatever he is playing with to us and hands it to us, but then waits for us to hand it back, and goes along his way.

He is getting closer and closer to eating the same foods as us now.  He eats most food chunks that we give him, but does not seem to like chunks of eggs (no matter how they are cooked).  This week he had some chunks of our baked penne, guacamole, pinto beans, chicken, and more.  So he is starting to eat bits of what we eat, mixed in with his favorites of cheese cubes, tofu cubes, toast, cheerios, fruit, and veggies.

If you've ever wondered why all of the pictures that I take of him always tend to be in his high chair, it's because I can't get him to stay still long enough for a picture unless he is restrained.  He is a busy little boy, but super sweet, and lots of fun!

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the family Kostrzewa said...

Go Noah! Avery does the same thing with giving us something, only to get it back. But it's really cute. I noticed today that I have to many pictures of her in the bath tub; it's because she's contained there! haha, just like the high chair. Love it.