Thursday, April 19, 2012

::this week::

cooking:  pumpkin bread, blueberry breakfast cake, chicken parmesan casserole, huevos rancheros, grilled cheese with pesto tomato soup, spinach mozzarella breakfast casserole, sausage cheddar breakfast casserole, cinnabon roll cake, pizza, some sort of baked oatmeal or waffle

praying:  for friends in Mumbai.  for all of the marriages in our church and community group during our "Real Marriage" series.  for the Lord to give Jeremy and I the desires of our heart... a certain dream we have been discussing lately.

praising:  Jesus that the victory is already won, through His blood.  that we have been given all authority through Him.  that He dwells in us.  that by the power of Jesus, walls have been torn down that existed in one of my friendships. 

enjoying: how much fun it is to watch Noah and Luke play together.  they are such cute best friends.  feeling a little sad that Luke will be moving out of the state in a few months.  praying for a new buddy for Noah.

doing: going to the zoo with a friend on Friday.  attending the yearly Mangerchine family reunion and crawfish boil on Saturday.  taking many walks.  seeing friends.  having a family frozen yogurt trip at our favorite spot, Yogurtland.

thankful for: meeting a lady at a yard sale who later sold me 8 cloth diapers (the same as what I'm already using) for almost nothing.

reading: The Discipline Book, Revelation

creating: baby gifts for a friend

feeling:  better... sort of (from a cold from last week).  recovering slowly, but through the worst of it.


Hillsong, from the Inside Out

Hillsong, Hosanna


Mary said...

Praying for you . . . and the desires of your heart!

Kim Alford said...

Love these 'this week' posts and how you link all your recipes!

And I can't believe how big Noah is already!! What a handsome little man!! Love love love you! <3