Thursday, April 12, 2012

::this week::


God of this City by Chris Tomlin

I Will Rise by Chris Tomlin

feeling:  ill.  tired.  foggy headed.

wanting:  to go see Blue Like Jazz, the movie

praying:  Healing for me & Noah.  Freedom from insecurities.  For wisdom and guidance for our family on the future, and that same prayer for several friends currently in need of it.  For a certain desire of mine to be granted.  For friends heading to Mumbai.  our church.  our pastors.
praising:  God for answering a prayer that I have been praying for 2-3 months!  And for answering & healing another person I prayed for.

enjoying:  a relaxed social evening out with our c group. lots of walks around the neighborhood with Noah.  this beautiful weather!

reading: Jude, Revelation

creating: some baby gifts for a friend

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Mary said...

Hi friend! So sorry I haven't written in such a long time. Life has been crazy! I went to see Blue Like Jazz this week and it was pretty good. Hope you get a chance to see it!