Sunday, April 15, 2012

{this moment}

so grateful for 3 hours of alone time today... a rare treat for this mama/ watcher of others kids.  1 hour of gym time, plus 2 hours of sun/ having a Bayou-side picnic with Jesus = a perfect start to a new week!  what a refreshing way to pack up a week in which I was feeling sick, tired, and "off" and a way to start this next week out filled with the Holy Spirit and fully refreshed!

my heart is overflowing with gratitude for;
  • sunshine
  • nice weather
  • a wonderful breeze
  • a beautiful view so close to my home
  • this beautiful, yet quirky city
  • my husband hanging with the kiddo so I could enjoy some alone time
  • family
  • a great dinner with friends last night
  • downtime
  • fresh, delicious food
  • provision far beyond my needs and exceeding most of my desires
  • recent conversation with friends about their dreams, the dreams and desires that the Lord has given them, the unique giftings and passions of those who are close to us
  • an new or re-awakening of the Holy Spirit going on in so many people that we know.  God is so good, and is stirring so many people that we know up in such cool ways.  I'm just excited to be along for the ride and see where He takes us all!
  • the continued unmerited grace that Jeremy gives me even when I act like a jerk
  • the unmerited grace the Lord gives me when I act like a jerk
  • prayer... it is so powerful, so uniting, so effective!!!!
  • technology... although we do tend to have a love/ hate relationship
  • yard sales, and getting to find some fun new to me treasures this weekend for next to nothing
  • my God... who lives in me... died for me... redeemed me... forgave me... healed me... freed me... loves me... pursues me... guides me... comforts me... who is always faithful, always present, always and completely perfect love.  and who is all of this for anyone and everyone who trusts in Him. 

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