Wednesday, February 15, 2012

loving others

Lately the Lord has been doing a major work in my heart regarding how I see, and how well I love others.

Last week I had been praying for something specific for someone I know.  Something that I had complained about in my heart, and with my lips, about that person many times.  I was praying for this, and the Lord stopped me.  He reminded me of all of the times that I had complained about this, and how this was the first time ever that I had specifically sat down to pray for this person in this area.  He said "how can you criticize someone for something that you have never genuinely prayed for them regarding?".  And then He softened my heart.  Giving me a more full understanding that each and every person is uniquely and creatively made in His image.... every. single. person. 
Then today, He told me that my heart problem towards someone else says more about the state of my heart, than it says about that person.  And again I'm convicted.  I'm convicted that often I am annoyed by things that other people do.  I'm convicted because my love for others is so fickle.  So imperfect.

And I'm so grateful that God's love isn't like that.  That His love is perfect.  patient. kind. trusting. faithful.  And I'm praying that I would continue to grow in His perfect love for others.  Love so perfect that it doesn't find fault in others, but that values each and every person as a beautiful creation.

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