Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ham, Mushroom, & Cheese Bread Pudding

Because I really enjoyed the Savory Spinach Bread Pudding that I made earlier in the week, because I still had lots of bread lying around, and because I had leftover honey baked ham from community group dinner, I decided to try a ham, mushroom, & cheese savory bread pudding.  This was wonderful!  I would make this again for sure, and not just because I have ingredients to use up, but because it is that good, versatile, quick, easy & healthy.  I followed the exact same method as I did for the spinach bread pudding, just subbing different veggies, cheese and meat.

On a side note, does anyone know the difference between a strata and a bread pudding?  To me, it seems that I could call this either name, but ham bread pudding just sounds more shocking so I've stuck to that.

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Ben and Crystin said...

I believe there are 2 differences between strata and bread pudding. Strata's are to be layered and usually consist of eggs, bread, cheese, and meats/veggies. Bread puddings are many times all mixed up before putting into the dish, not necessarily layered. And bread puddings usually don't use cheese. However, the general dish is a baked dish w/ bread and eggs. So, yes, they are almost the same thing :) This one looks wonderful!