Wednesday, July 13, 2011

37 weeks

Here is what is going on with Noah this week according to www,;

By this week, your baby will start to more specific information, such as where her toys are in your house. She'll also be able to imitate actions she's seen as long as a week before.  These skills indicate that she has recall memory — the ability to remember some details of a specific experience for a short time — though she still doesn't remember most of her experiences. Long-lasting conscious memory of specific events won't develop until your baby's second or third year, when real language emerges.
Your baby can now put objects in a container and remove them. Give her a plastic bucket and some colorful blocks so she can practice this new skill. (Make sure they're not so small that she can swallow them.) She also likes toys with moving parts, such as knobs, levers, or doors that open and close. Big plastic cars that your baby can wheel around on the floor are fun playthings, too.  If you take a toy away from her, your increasingly assertive baby is likely to object. She's really starting to be able to make her needs and wants known. Some sound advice: Give her something new before you take the other object away.

About half of babies this age will initiate passing games — giving away objects and then taking them back. Be her playmate. Try rolling a ball to your baby and see whether she rolls it back to you. Give her a sorting toy or stacking rings and see if she sorts or stacks or hands the pieces to you. She'll also like to share her food, so accept these "gifts" graciously.

Noah continues to be laid back and doesn't fuss at all when we take items away from him, or when another kid takes a toy from him and runs off.  "No, no" seems to have lost it's power, so we are working on being more consistent with consequences for when he disobeys.  Noah doesn't seem to realize that he is disobeying though, because he stares at us grinning the whole time, it seems like more of a game to him right now.

I'm needing to keep our floors spotless because he is starting to pick up every little piece of debris off of the floor and proceeds to stick them in his mouth.

He is making all kinds of new fun sounds.  He says mama and dada most often, but I don't think that he's made the connection that those are me and Jeremy.

He's still eating solid food 3 times a day and nursing 6 times a day.  He still takes two good naps most days, and sleeps from about 8 pm to a little after 6 am every night.

He loves practicing walking around the room while holding onto our hands.  He keeps testing himself and will stand on his own for a few seconds at a time before thumping to the floor.

On a funny side note, this week Noah got hold of Jeremy's Bible, which was closed at the time.  Noah managed to open it and tear out a page.  When we looked at what page it was that he tore out, it happened to be the page with the account of Noah in Genesis.  Very interesting that out of over 1,000 pages that happened to be the one page that our little man got hold of.  Maybe he wants me to frame it and put it on his wall.

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Jana said...

Just love the last paragraph. God has such a good sense of humor. He always finds interesting ways to reach us.