Friday, November 16, 2012

::this week::

praising:  new life in Christ for someone Jeremy prayed with this week.  healing for someone we got to pray with this week.  some more promises of provision for our ministry.

praying:  for greater faith, courage, boldness, love, and power... for an awareness of the opportunities God gives me and the obedience to use these in those opportunities.

thankful for:  having Jeremy around a lot extra this week as he was off Mon-Thur.  an awesome conference that we got to go to on Sunday, and having a bunch of sweet alone time with my hubby that day!  finally getting to meet a guy who has become a recent ministry partner for Jeremy... they are very like minded and share similar beliefs and approaches to ministry... so grateful to have so many great people pouring into us!  great weather.  so many sweet friends.  a gift card in the mail from a thoughtful friend who wanted to bless us with a night of not needing to cook.  a thoughtful hubby who looks not only to his needs, but also to mine... giving me a morning this week to have some much needed alone time.

reading:  2 Samuel, Isaiah, 1000 Gifts

cooking:  salmon cakes, baked mac and cheese, dressing, squash casserole, pumpkin cheesecake, slow cooker ratatouille, wonton soup, sweet and spicy sugar snap peas, ramen noodle pad thai, chile relleno casserole, pizza, pumpkin gingersnaps

creating:  more Christmas presents.

doing:  hosting a girls night, community group, and a birthday party for a sweet friend.  a walk/ lunch date with a friend.  a Christmas card photo session with friends.

pondering:  Isaiah 2... hope for the nations... the hopeful and good promises for the "last days"... not just the "bad" ones of trial and tribulation.  what it looks like for me to believe these, claim them, declare them, & bring them into our time, rather than just accepting the bad as a sign that the end is coming, but having hope and bringing that to the nations.

the conference from last Sunday... wanting to not let it be just a cool experience, but something that changes me forever.  pushing me into greater faith, power, courage, hope, peace, joy, and boldness.

 walking in the Spirit... learning how to stir up the Spirit... it is easy for me to get in the Spirit during times of worship, prayer, etc. but learning how to stir that up on a regular basis... to always walk in Him.

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