Wednesday, November 16, 2011

daily list

I'm a list maker.  for each week I have a "to do" list.  a grocery list.  a prayer list.  a "to read" list.  a "to blog" list.  a "to create" list.  a wish list.  a "to cook" list, and more.  I thrive on organization, time management, planning, etc.  I've been wanting to come up with a daily list, of things that I need to do daily for my overall emotional/ spiritual/ physical health and well being.  here's what I have so far.  I'm thinking I might find a way to word this list nicely or make it decorative and place it on my night stand, as a reminder of my top priorities for each day.

each day I will...
  • read: my Bible, books/ blogs/ devotionals that inspire me... just read something
  • create: write, cook, craft, order in my home... just create something
  • pray: over my prayer list, and constantly communicating with my Father throughout my day
  • play: not take my lists or myself so seriously that I neglect to cherish the moments with those around me... I will give myself the freedom to laugh, to enjoy the small things, to make doing so a priority rather than treat it as an addendum to my day, after I've finished all of the "important" things
  • go outside: take in God's creatures and creation, let the sun light energize me, exercise and allow the endorphins to stimulate me, and use this all as a time of prayer for where I am, and praise for God's creativity and the beauty He has made.  this can be walking, running, checking the mail, or even just sitting on our stoop for a few minutes
of course not all of these happen every single day.  but I feel much more balanced when they do, and therefore desire to make a conscious effort to do each one of these every day.

What do you need to do each day to feel healthy/ balanced?

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