Sunday, May 2, 2010

simple dinner

after another day of crummy weather a simple dinner of some of our favorite comfort foods seemed in order.  the stars of my plate were;

  • Broccoli cooked in the sauce for our favorite Chinese Green Beans.  I had to add a little cornstarch to the sauce to get it to thicken, but this was delicious!
  • Baked BBQ tofu.  I cooked it the same way as the Sesame Honey Tofu, but cut the cubes a tad smaller this time, marinated and cooked the tofu in my favorite bottled BBQ sauce before topping it with scallins and cilantro on the baking pan.  This was DELICIOUS!!!!  The tofu had the perfect texture, I think the smaller cubes helped it to get more chewy during the cooking process.  Jeremy definitely fought me for some of this good stuff, even though I made him his own Sesame Crusted Tuna Steak.
  • Brown rice with some scallions stirred in, as well as a few tablespoons of the dipping sauce from the Tuna Steak that I made for Jeremy.
Delicious + cheap + healthy = PERFECT!


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Mary said...

Yum . . . I like the idea of adding scallions and cilantro to the tofu.