Wednesday, May 12, 2010

baby M update

i had a doctor appointment today.  the doctor said that everything is looking good.  the heart beat was good and strong at 144, right in the middle of the healthy range of 120-160.  i love hearing the sweet beating of our little one's heart!  while we were listening to the heart beat there was a strange sound, and the doctor said that was our baby moving... so cool!  i'm still not confident on whether i am actually feeling the baby move at all, or if i'm just having gurgling in my belly... but it's fun and exciting either way, and within a few weeks i should be able to confidently know when the baby moves.  next appointment is 4 weeks away, and both jeremy and i will get to see the ultrasound, and hopefully find out the gender, hooray!!!!

please join us in prayer for our little one... that he or she would be healthy and strong.  that he or she would know and serve the Lord, and be even greater than us.  for protection against attack of the enemy.  and for preparation for jeremy and i as parents, that the Lord would heal our wounds, free us from our insecurities, and use us to love our child the way He loves us.


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Callie said...

Funny, I always pray that my babies are "healthy and strong" and that they will love Jesus. I have been praying that you and your baby are healthy; I will add prayer that they serve the Lord.