Thursday, July 19, 2012

::this week::

praying:  for others... friends, family, cities, nations.  for all of my words to be used for His glory, to encourage others.  for deeper, more Christ-like, love for His people.  for the state and IRS details to be worked out for our ministry.

praising:  that He is good, faithful, loving, merciful, just, and present!  that He has been strengthening my faith and that His perfect love has been casting out fear in me this week.

reading:  Deuteronomy, Psalms, Dreaming with God

cooking:  carnitas, pizza, squash casserole, pesto tomato soup with pesto mozzarella tomato grilled cheese

doing:  getting to take a trip to visit family in VA.  we haven't been there in 2 years, so I am very excited for Noah to meet relatives that he's never seen!

creating:  still working on the pillow case, dish towels, and sign for our bedroom.  also, some finishing touches for a baby shower in 2 weeks

pondering:  That no matter what I try there is no shortcut to a relationship with God.  That knowing Him comes only by spending time in His presence.  That I can't box Him into a 30-60 minute time in the morning. That He wants so much more than that, and that's not the right heart and approach for truly seeking Him.  That sometimes (and this might tick some people off as they might not agree) reading His word can be a stumbling block to my relationship with Him... when I do it with the wrong heart/ in a religious (check it off my list) kind of way.  Making an effort to not make short cuts and formulas for my time with Him.  To set out with no agenda, no set amount of time, and to see where He leads me.  To fully engage my heart in seeking Him... sometimes I feel like I cut out either prayer or journaling time to speed things up, and then end up feeling distant from Him... realizing just how important each aspect of my time with Him is to having a balanced relationship with Him... and that the heart of "speeding things up" misses the whole point of starting my day off seeking Him!

I've been spending time getting to know God better and really pursuing a two way relationship.  I've been asking Him to tell me things about Himself that I don't already know.  Some of the answers have been random and funny, I'm enjoying getting to know that side of Him.

Realizing just how fickle I can be.  There were gifts and circumstances that I started off this year praying for, but after a few short months of not seeing much result I kinda gave up.  Stepping back into those prayers with a new fire and belief.  Knowing that sometimes it's about the process.  That sometimes His answers are delayed.  That sometimes I need to wait.  Wanting to believe and pursue without wavering.

loving:  my new tattoo!!!