Tuesday, July 17, 2012

parenting in the authority and power of Jesus

I by no means am an authority on this subject or have all of the answers.  This is just a journey that the Lord has been leading me on over the last few weeks and it is changing me, my relationship with the Lord, and my child!

Until recently I have felt like I have been parenting Noah in the natural realm, seasoned with pop psychology.  The Lord is starting to teach me what it looks like to tap into His power and authority in my parenting.

Previously, when Noah would throw an uncontrollable tantrum I would try to distract him to snap him out of it.  Now, more often than not, I engage in spiritual warfare over him, binding evil spirits and loosing a spirits of peace and joy over him.  It is amazing at how he can be mid-tantrum and me saying the name of Jesus can snap him out of it.  That's power!

We've also been teaching Noah how to engage in spiritual warfare on his own.  That he can talk to Jesus, and call upon His name and power at any time, and that he can take authority over evil.  That he can say "devil go, in Jesus' name" and receive results.  By age 3, I believe that our son will be casting out demons and have a keen awareness of the spiritual realm.

I'm not saying that every misbehavior and/ or tantrum is necessarily brought on by the enemy (although maybe it is), but if it's possible that that is the cause then why not take a few seconds to renounce the misbehavior in Jesus' name.  Really, you have nothing to loose, just a few seconds of your time, and you have everything to gain... spiritual freedom and maturity for you and your child.

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DangAndBlast! said...

That's beautiful - have to remember that when the baby gets older.