Thursday, July 12, 2012

My God is an awesome God!!!!

This is the details of some super cool stuff that the Lord did through Jeremy yesterday.  I share this to document for our future reference, to give God the glory, and to activate faith for anyone who may read it.  We have video testimonials from the people involved, but have not sought their permission to share them, so for now all I can share is my recap.  Since this all happened around and through Jeremy, I may not get the details fully right as I was not present, but this should be a fairly accurate representation of the way things occurred.

I think it started 1-2 months ago.  While we were attending a Sunday evening church gathering Jeremy got a word of knowledge about a heart condition someone had, but he didn't know who the person was.  After the service Jeremy was standing out front, and happened to meet a guy with congestive heart failure.  Considering that God has been communicating this to Jeremy, he believed that the Lord wanted to heal this guy.  So he simply, in the name of Jesus, prayed with power and authority over this guy commanding healing.

Jeremy hadn't seen this guy since then, and had been wondering how the guy was doing.  He had been asking the Lord to bring this guy to him.  Then yesterday morning around 6 am Jeremy and a friend were grabbing coffee at a coffee shop and this same guy walked by. 

Said guy, had left home that morning to go to a church service.  He sat across the street from the church praying, but never went in, for some reason that he wasn't sure of.  Then on his way home, instead of going the way that he would normally go, down the main streets, he said his bike turned onto a side street on its own, without him planning it, or knowing why.  Then a couple minutes later he got off the bike and walked, again for no good reason, he just did.  (We believe it was to slow him down, because Jeremy was not yet outside at the coffee shop).  Apparently this guy's niece had been bed (or couch) ridden for a month(ish) with some condition that the doctors couldn't quite diagnose or fix.  This guy had wanted someone to pray for his niece, and thought of Jeremy, because of their previous encounter.  At this point, I should mention that since Jeremy had prayed for this guy, he had gone back to the doctor and had received results that his heart function had gone from 23% to 57%, 100% increase!  Praise Jesus!

Once Jeremy heard all of the details that had brought him and this guy back together, he was sure that God wanted to heal this guy's niece.  So he made plans to go pray for her that evening.  And he did.  This girl had not been able to walk on her own for a month.  She had been using a walker and having others help her to the restroom, and for baths.  She was in pain.  She had had surgery on her back in 2003, and it seemed as though something associated with that initial problem was what was bothering her.

Also, I should mention that the night before Jeremy had gotten to see this guy again, and later pray for this girl, a young (maybe 5ish) relative had told the girl that the next day she would be 100% healed.  So cool how God loves to use children in His work!

So, yesterday evening around 6 pm Jeremy and the guy headed over to his niece's house.  They arrived, had introductions, and then spent some time worshiping the Lord before all together engaging in spiritual warfare against this sickness/ ailment.  They prayed simply, but powerfully, in Jesus' name.  While they were praying Jeremy had a vision of screws turning in the girls back, screws that had been put in her back when she had the surgery, but screws that she had not told Jeremy were there, this was complete revelation from the Lord!  And when they were done praying, she was healed.  She was up around walking, telling Jeremy that he could take her walker home with him.  Her legs were a little fatigued from lack of use, but she was out of pain and was able to take care of herself.

My God is so cool!  I am so humbled about how He can do anything, and at how He chooses to use His people to accomplish His will.  I'm in awe at how nothing is impossible for Him.  I'm grateful that He likes to give us good gifts.  That He wants relationship with us, which is why He chooses to use us to accomplish the miraculous.  At how this same power, that raised Jesus from the dead, that healed this girl, is available through the Holy Spirit, to dwell inside all who seek Him.

Do you know this God?  If so, please DO try this at home!  This isn't a story about how powerful Jeremy is, although I do think he has a special anointing on his life.  This is a story of how such a mighty God, Jesus, can and will do the miraculous, through His ordinary people.

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John T. Meche III said...

Incredible! I pray that God uses a movement like this to transform the city.