Thursday, November 26, 2009


I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving filled with family, friends, fun, food, and gratitude! I know we sure did! We spent Thanksgiving at Jeremy's parents house with his parents, sister Lisa, and three of our friends who don't have family in the area. It was the first time that I wasn't hosting for Thanksgiving in 3 years, and I enjoyed the break. The food was excellent as always, as Jeremy's Mom is a fantastic cook. The day was filled with good conversation, food, laughter, and games.

Jeremy's Dad, carving the turkey

the table set so pretty

the desserts and appetizers (artichoke dip, apple pie, and chocolate pecan pie)

the main dishes (cranberry green beans, ham, turkey, mashed potatoes, dressing, sweet potato casserole and gravy)

us enjoying the food

Arthur and Chad

for some reason Jeremy walked around with this bat all day long


Cori and Chad playing corn hole

J's Dad


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kim.g... said...

looks like a great day!! .....corn hole is so fun too.. love that game :)