Sunday, November 15, 2009

homemade broth

last night we stopped by Whole Foods to pick up some take out dinner on our way to a friends house to watch a movie. Jeremy picked out a rotisserie chicken for his dinner and happily ate all of the meat. i decided to seize the opportunity to use the leftover chicken carcass to make some homemade broth.

i placed the chicken carcass in my slow cooker and added some leftover onions, celery, and parsley stems that i had sitting in the freezer. i filled my slow cooker up with water, added some black peppercorns and a teaspoon of salt. i cooked all of this on low for about 8-10 hours. then i strained the broth, discarded the veggies, picked through the meat and froze it for a casserole at a later date, chilled the broth, skimmed the fat off, and then divided the broth into storage containers. i plan on using all of the broth for dishes this week, but if i didn't i would have frozen it in 1 cup portions in freezer bags, and maybe an ice cube tray for smaller portions.

the slow cooker all ready to cover and turn on (i left the extra bits of meat on the bones)

the beautiful dark, rich broth

i managed to salvage 1 cup of chicken pieces that had fallen off the bones while cooking and plan to use them for a soup, pizza, or casserole in the near future



Kim M. said...

This is a very frugal & wise thing to do. Every time I cook a chicken, I try to take advantage of the broth so that I can use it for soups, stews, & gravies (you can use your broth and make cream of chicken soup by making a white sauce with the broth).

Anonymous said...


You are so creative! I don't think I could ever think to try this. I am not a very frugal homemaker I'm afraid. Maybe I will try and reminder to do this broth recipe the next time we have a rotisserie chicken.

The Mangerchine's said...

Great idea Kim!

Mrs. Lady Sofia,

You can do it, it's so easy, and tastes so good!