Wednesday, August 31, 2011

44 weeks

Here is what is going on with Noah this week according to;

Words and wordlike sounds are now spilling out of your baby, and he's able to use them meaningfully. As his brain continues to develop, so does his ability to reason and speak.  Encourage his interest in language and his understanding of two-way communication by being an avid listener and responding to his sounds. To polish his memory skills, play games like patty-cake and peek-a-boo.  At this age, your baby can probably imitate word sounds and inflections. He may be able to follow simple one-step directions, such as "Please bring me the ball" or "Pick up the spoon." Help him learn by separating multistep commands into easy-to-follow single steps, reinforcing them with gestures.  Remember to cherish this brief but remarkable period when your baby's communication skills are emerging: They're perhaps his most important skill!

Noah is doing great.  He is such a happy, fun little guy.  He has been listening very well for the last week when Jeremy and I tell him "no, no".  He has also for the most part avoided all of the items in our home that he knows he's not supposed to touch.  It's great to see him being more obedient.  His couple day bratty phase from last week seems to have passed, at least for now, and he has been super sweet and fun.  He really loves music, dancing, reading books, and being outside.  He also loves a fun game of peek a boo.

I think that I'm done making purees, and although Noah isn't eating the same things as us now, he is eating almost entirely finger foods that he can feed himself.  I do still spoon feed him apple sauce and yogurt every few days, but for the most part he is feeding himself chunks of egg, tofu, cheese, fruit, veggies, cheerios, and toast.

He is definitely making more sounds, and trying to imitate the sounds that we make.  I've heard him say pretty good versions of bye-bye, book, and hello.  He waves all of the time, at everyone he sees.  He loves people watching and interacting with others when we run our errands.

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