Sunday, October 27, 2013

3 years old

Happy Birthday to my fun, sweet, energetic boy!  I can't believe that you are 3 years old!  The time has flown by!

It is such a joy to be your mother.  You brighten my world.  You help me to play and have fun.  To enjoy the journey and not just the destination.  You teach me so much about life, myself, and God.  About patience, grace, and forgiveness.  

You are such a fun, energetic, funny, enthusiastic little kid.  You are brave and fearless.  You are sensitive and thoughtful.  

You are such a good friend.  You share really well and even find joy in bringing snacks and toys for the playdates we have with your friends.  You pray for your friends every night before bed and want to see them every day.

You are a great big brother.  You never get angry or impatient with your brother, even when he cries a whole 20 minute car ride.  If anything you love him too much and are constantly trying to play with him and invading his personal space bubble (which he actually seems to enjoy).

You are so smart!  You know the alphabet, shapes, colors, how to count to between 20 and 30, and can recognize many letters by sight now.

You love trucks and know every type by sight.  Even more than you love trucks, you love dirt.  Pretty much every time we go to a playground you choose to play in the dirt rather than on the actual playground equipment.  

You are potty trained.  You sleep by yourself in your big boy bed with Lightning McQueen and Mater sheets.  Soon your little brother will also be sharing your room with you.

You nap some days and not others.  You enjoy life way too much to interrupt and miss it by sleeping during the day.

You are a fairly picky eater.  You eat most fruits, raw carrots and cucumbers, cheese, any carby snacks, pb&j and grilled cheeses.

We let you watch a few shows before bed each night, and first thing each morning.  Your current favorite is the Mighty Machine Series, especially the Harvest, Car Wrecker, and Machines go to School episodes.

You no longer answer to Noah, and have informed us (and anyone who asks your name) that your name is Hard Hat Harry.  You got this from the character on All About Helicopters.  You also have an alter ego known as Tom Tom Bane.  We have no idea where this name came from, but when you start calling yourself this you get pretty wild and rowdy.  You have also started calling your brother Eck-o-loo.  It caught on and kinda stuck and now our whole family calls Elisha Eckoloo.

Although you are such a rough and energetic little boy, there is a softer side to you.  You are sensitive, empathetic, and discerning.  You are going to be a leader.  You will be able to feel the hurts of others, and your heart will go out to them.  You will care about and love people.  You will love Jesus.  If you marry, and have kids, you will be an amazing husband and daddy.  You will make disciples of the nations.

Your daddy and I are so proud of you, and love you lots!  You have changed our lives for the better, taught us how to play and explore.  You give us a reason to be a man and woman of God, to lead by example, to do the things we want to see you do, to provide a stable, loving, Christ centered home.

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