Sunday, March 31, 2013

Thai Lettuce Wraps

I wanted to try a new version of the lettuce wraps that I've been making for years, and opted for these Lettuce Wraps.  We both really liked the use of chicken over the beef that I normally make mine with, but other than that, we were not impressed with this recipe... it was good, just not as good as my go to version.  I did add some shredded carrot and chopped red bell pepper for extra nutrients and enjoyed those additions and will start adding them to my "go to" version, as well as using ground chicken instead of ground beef.  For those wanting to try this recipe, we found the filling sort of bland as is, so I ended up making a whole extra batch of the sauce to add in until we both thought they had enough flavor, just not quite the flavor we like in our lettuce wraps.

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