Tuesday, June 12, 2012

::this week::

cooking: guacamole salad, blueberry breakfast cake, spicy chicken enchiladas, pizza, mongolian beef, African sweet potato peanut soup, butterscotch bars, granola bars

reading: Leviticus, Isaiah

praying:  for family and friends.  for our city.  for the nations.  for signs and wonders.

praising:  what a great God I get to serve!  how sweet & thoughtful He is and His gifts are.

creating: finally finished sewing new velcro on Noah's diapers that I've been working on for months.  a pillow for our bedroom. decorations for a baby shower.

doing:  this is the busiest week in a long time... hosting community group and several dinners and play dates with friends. have a planning meeting for our women's ministry, and planning to hang with Jeremy's parents on Father's Day.

listening to and being challenged by:  David Hogan.  seriously, this guy is the real deal!  him and his team have raised over 500 people from the dead and continue to heal the multitudes from incurable diseases.

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