Tuesday, June 19, 2012

a step of faith...

The last few months have been an exciting ride! The Lord has revealed Himself to Jeremy and I in new ways, taking us into a much different walk and season with Him than before. He has made it clear that He is calling us into full-time ministry.  We are taking a leap of faith, that God is calling us to. We have sought the counsel of many friends and mentors and have continued to receive confirmation after confirmation that this is where God is leading us. We have the support, parnership, and some resources of our church being made available to us.  So... Jeremy has given 6 months notice at his job, and we are beginning to pursue full-time ministry. We have some ideas of what He is calling us to, but not many specific plans yet, because that’s how He is working. We feel very strongly that He is asking us to not have it all planned out, so that we can take one step at a time as He prompts us, as He did with Abraham, and countless others. We know that He has given us hearts for discipleship, to invest ourselves deeply into the lives of others. We know He has given us a passion for prayer and worship, and starting some type of prayer and worship gathering in the New Orleans area. We know that He has given us passion and gifting for supernatural ministry, particularly healing, prophecy, words of wisdom and knowledge, and fighting against the demonic in order to see people walk in the complete freedom and power that are available through Jesus. We don’t know exactly what all of that looks like yet, but we are confident that He will show us one step at a time, and that He will provide.

I tend to be a planner, a controller, and a details person. In the past, I have tended to operate in the natural, not leaving much room for God to show up in supernatural ways. Because of all of this, this leap of faith is especially hard for me. I’m learning to let go, to have supernatural faith, to trust God even when it doesn’t make sense to me. Some people might think this irresponsible, but for us, right now, it is a step of obedience. A step into a calling that we can no longer run from and deny.  I spent a few weeks a little scared by this, but am so glad that the Lord has brought me to a place of complete peace amidst the unknown.  I have been asking God to give me the spiritual gift of supernatural faith for many months now, and Jeremy has jokingly (sort of) hinted that this is my chance to use that gift... that supernatural faith involves trusting in things unseen and taking steps that don't make sense to the natural mind.

So here we are, stepping into the unknown.  Believing that the Lord will make our path straight and lead us.  Desperately seeking Him in that.  Desperately seeking Him with our whole hearts so that we may have something to offer others... the only thing that matters... His love, and power overflowing out of us.

We are in the beginning stages of pursuing non-profit status for our ministry, Bastion Ministries.  We are in the beginning stages of trying to raise support for our family to live off of. 

We would love your prayers throughout this process!  This is how you can currently be praying;
  • that all of the details/ administrative/ organizational stuff will be worked out smoothly
  • that no plans would be our own, but that each step would be in complete submission to the Father's will
  • for provision
  • for God to show up in big ways... that people would be saved, healed, and set free by the name of Jesus.  that He would use us in this, and that His name would be known and praised throughout this city, and the world, as a result
  • for protection for our home and family as we step out and engage in battle with an enemy who has come to steal, kill, and destroy


esther elmer said...


I'm so delighted to read this post! I so loved our recent conversation and what you shared about the Lord laying full time ministry on your hearts. Praise God! I believe the day you and your husband meet the Lord He will say, well done, my faithful servants!

Thanks for sharing!

Ricardo said...

Praying for your next steps and for faith to trust Him, no matter what, joy in the transition, and peace that HE has it all, every step, planned.

Kim Alford said...

Awesome stuff!!!!!
love you & praying for you guys!!