Friday, March 2, 2012

refinished table

A few months ago Jeremy and I were handed down a table from friends who were moving out of the area. (Apparently these friends had been handed down this table from other friends, who had been handed down from other friends, so we are at least the 4th family to be enjoying this table). I was thrilled to have a 6 person table (FOR FREE) to replace our 4 person table that didn't seem adequate for all of the entertaining that we do. Unfortunately the table came with some stains on the top of it. So I began to brainstorm how I could refinish it.

I couldn't be more happy with the end result. It is basically my dream table now. This was a very scary project for me, I don't tend to be a decorater, or a do-it-yourselfer. It seemed intimidating, but the whole process went very well. I have learned some technique tips that I would do differently next time around, but I am still so pleased with this piece.

Jeremy has been looking for a creative outlet lately, so he did the table and I did the chairs. My favorite part is that the paint for the chairs was all free paint leftover from home projects from friends and family members. So we have chairs that same color as several of our loved ones walls, and we have a little piece of their home incorporated into ours.




 and a close up of some of the distressing and staining...

This process was so rewarding, and I love the fun pops of color that liven up our kitchen now.  I'm already perusing the house for what I can paint and distress next... spice rack, microwave cart, dressers, bookshelves; I'm coming for you!

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