Friday, March 25, 2011

Sweethearts Necklace

I picked up some metal stamping and jewelry making supplies with my birthday giftcards to Michael's.  Today I finally had the time to play around with them and made this necklace.  The chain, pendants, and findings are all sterling silver, the pearl is fresh water.  This was pretty good for a first attempt, but I haven't fully perfected my abilities yet.  I'm considering selling necklaces like this one (and some other random accessories) on etsy... I just haven't decided if I really have the desire to keep up with an online store.


Mary said...

This looks great! I've seen so many pieces like this that I love, and I guess it never occurred to me to try and do it myself!

I vote "yay!" for an Etsy shop! It's fun to at least give a try and make some money for your craft budget :-)

James said...
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James & Nina said...

Very cool! You could use any salvaged peice of metal you find on the street to stamp, too!
I can see why you're hesitant to make a store though, it does seem like it would be a lot of work.