Thursday, October 25, 2012

::this week::

Now that the cat is out of the bag I can share that lately I have been tired.  and nauseous.  and everything has suffered as a result.  I have done the bare minimal cooking, cleaning, party planning, etc. possible lately, in exchange with naps and extra time sitting idle on the couch (not something I do well!).  that is why there has been a recent shortage of new recipes, crafts, or spiritual inspiration here lately.  I just haven't been feeling like myself.  I haven't had the energy to do a lot of the things that I enjoy, and that fill me up.  I've had physical, and spiritual, and creative nausea.

That said, we are super excited about baby #2 arriving in late May, and I'm just treading water trying to make it through the next week or two, knowing that then I should start feeling somewhat better.

praising:  the healthy, new little life growing inside of me.  some really cool ministry opportunities for J over the last week.  some new friendships/ partnerships for J, that are an answer to prayer!

praying:  to feel better.  to not be discouraged by my lack of productivity.  to not be so consumed by my current circumstances (not feeling good) that I am not present with the Lord, in each moment.

thankful for:  the extra support of my husband, family, and friends as I've been feeling bad for the last few weeks.  grace.  my Friday morning ladies Bible study... it has far exceeded my expectations, I am so grateful for the new relationships I've formed through it, and the encouragement it is to me each Friday morning, challenging me to stop wallowing in sickness, and to persevere and pursue the Lord.

reading  Desperate Women of the Bible, 1000 Gifts, Ecclesiastes, 1 Samuel

cooking:  egg mcmuffins, spinach mozzarella breakfast casserole, pizza, chili, cranberry chicken salad sandwiches, sparkling grapefruit punch

doing:  ladies Bible study.  celebrating Noah's 2 yr birthday.  community group.  a coffee date with a friend.  an afternoon visit with another friend.  hoping to finally send out our support letters as soon as I feel good enough to print them, the address labels, and stuff envelopes.  a lot of sitting on the couch.

creating:  the final touches on decorations, favors, and food for Noah's party.

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