Friday, October 12, 2012

::this week::

praising:  God... His grace... faithfulness... provision... love... mercy... power... restoration... reconciliation... new life... healing... wholeness... bigness... majesty.

praying:  for all of the details and provision to be worked out for our ministry... just over 2 months left until Jeremy is no longer working at his job, and no longer receiving a salary... still some hold up on moving forward due to waiting to see how a possible opportunity pans out.  for the needs of those we know and love.

reading:  Ecclesiastes, 1 Samuel, Desperate Women of the Bible, 1000 Gifts

thankful for:  this cooler weather.  good books.  good friends.  increasing ministry opportunities that have been given to us.  the deep belly laughs of little kiddos.  time to rest.  regular girl time on Friday mornings, and the encouragement and refreshment it brings.

cooking:  pesto tomato soup with pesto mozzarella grilled cheeses, pot roast, salsa, guacamole, salad with mexi-ranch dressing, pizza, pumpkin oat muffins

creating:  some decorations and activities for Noah's birthday party.  some Christmas presents.

doing:  getting to see a sweet friend in town from Tampa. some play/ walk/ park dates.  hosting community group and ladies Bible study.  nothing else.  keeping lots of margin in our schedule this week... lots of time to relax and hang as a family.

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