Thursday, September 6, 2012

::this week::

praising:  a huge answer to prayer regarding our living situation.  a possible answer to prayer on some provision for us/ our ministry.  lots of small and sweet gifts from my Lord this week, and that He has opened my heart to see these blessings and not take them for granted. 

praying:  for the families still recovering from Isaac... for our city... for friends... for our family... for the nations... for revival in this city...

reading: Psalms, Judges,  Desperate Women of the Bible, Kinfolk

thankful for:  some super sweet and thoughtful gifts from friends.  settling back into our routine.

enjoying:  watching 3 super sweet, fun, and unique kiddos and the blessing they each are.
cooking: have been in a food rut lately... experimenting this week and coming up with some skinny versions of classics including fettucine alfredo and carbonara.  plus green curry lentils, blueberry breakfast cake, jerk chicken, slow cooker sante fe chicken, lemon bars, pumpkin bread
pondering:  a culture of honor.  taming the tongue and using my words and thoughts for good.  something Jeremy said this week (really roughly paraphrased); about how you can know things about God that other people tell you, but those things don't become real to you until you know them out of relationship with Him... he used an example of our marriage, and little things that he has experienced and knows about me as an example.

creating:  some activities for Noah's birthday party.  a shirt for him to wear for his party.   another recovered living room pillow.

doing:  settling back into our routine.  catching up on laundry and cleaning.  watching the kiddos some extra hours to make up for last week.  baking and distributing goodies to our neighbors.  a few visits with friends.  a zoo trip with some moms and kiddos.  a date night with my love.

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