Sunday, May 27, 2012

Thai Chicken Enchiladas

I made these Thai Chicken Enchiladas and they were delicious, perhaps the best things that I've made this year!  I really didn't expect much from them either, I pinned the recipe months ago, but thought it might be fusion food gone wrong and ignored it.  Then one of my favorite bloggers tried it and raved about it so I decided to give it a try, still not expecting much, and wow!  did they over deliver!

I doubled the chicken, doubled the sauce, and quadrupled the veggies to fill 8 10" whole wheat tortillas.  The only other thing that I changed was that after I finished the filling I sampled it and found it very milk.  To me, Thai food should be spicy, so I added 1 tsp or sriracha sauce to the sauce, and 4 tsp sriracha sauce to the filling.  This gave it a great kick without being overly spicy. 

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