Saturday, October 22, 2011

Noah's birthday party

We had a birthday party for Noah at Jeremy's parents house.  It was perfect!  I think that all of the adults, and kids had a great time, and the birthday boy loved it.

we had all of Noah's favorites... vegetables, cheese, fruit, pasta salad, and more
we spent the entire 2 hours outdoors, which is Noah's favorite place to be!

the backyard was set up with plenty of chairs for the adults, and tables, tunnels, a swing, and a sand box for the kiddos

Noah got to have his first dessert ever, a banana bread cup cake with cream cheese frosting

at first he was timid and just licking the icing
and then he went for it and shoved 1/2 the cup cake in his mouth

he licked up every last crumb and bit of icing... I think he liked it!

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