Friday, June 24, 2011

an act of worship

At community group this week we had a discussion on using our bodies as instruments of righteousness (Romans 6:12-14).  This led us to a discussion on making things that we do an act of worship.  An example that was given, was of one of our friends who runs, and who is constantly praying in gratitude along the way, making it all an act of worship. 

This has all led me to realize just how compartmentalized my life is... I have my gym/ exercise time, I have my "me" time, God time, family time, cleaning time, cooking time, crafting time, hanging out with friends time and so on.  I've been pondering what it looks like to use all of this time for God's glory, to make all of these activities an act of worship to Him.

To realize that I exercise and eat healthy because my body is God's temple, to be used for His purpose.  That I create, because I was made in the image of the ultimate Creator, and through creating I am displaying His character and glory.  To seize hold of the fact that all of "my" time is God's time, to be used for His purpose and to really surrender my day to Him, and be in constant communion with Him, aware of what He is doing in, through, and around me... because He is always doing something, but only a portion of the time do I slow down long enough to be aware of His presence and work.

So here's to doing all to the glory of God, and worshipping Him through even the seemingly mundane, or nonspiritual

How do you make your day to day activities an act of worship?.

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Nina said...

i compartmentalize as well. i'll bet all the "compartments" of our lives would be happier places to be if we looked at them as as "God's time". Good thoughts.