Wednesday, June 29, 2011

35 weeks

Here is what is going on with Noah this week according to;

Your baby's getting closer and closer to full-fledged walking. She can probably crawl up stairs and cruise, moving around upright while holding onto furniture. A baby this age may even take a couple of steps. (A few actually do walk now — and some don't walk until well into their second year. There's a wide range of ages at which children meet this milestone.)  Your baby's also learning how to bend her knees and how to sit after standing, which is harder to master than you might think! She might get "stuck" standing up in her crib. If this happens, gently show her how she can get back down.  There are ways to help your baby with her walking efforts. Stand or kneel in front of her, and help her walk toward you by holding both of her hands. Eventually just hold your hands out to her in encouragement. Some babies enjoy pushing a toddle truck, which provides both support and mobility. Look for one with a wide, stable base.

Babyproofing your home is a necessity now. One good place to start is to put latches on the doors of off-limits cabinets — babies inevitably make a beeline for such things. (You could also move all cleaning supplies or potential poison hazards to higher cabinets.) Also, your baby's crib mattress should be at the lowest mattress setting.

Once your baby starts standing and cruising, you may wonder if shoes are necessary. Until your baby is walking around outdoors regularly, most pediatricians and developmental experts don't think so. It's normal for your baby to walk a little bowlegged or with her feet turned out, and her feet may look flat. Going barefoot can help strengthen your baby's arches and leg muscles, and feeling the textures of what she's walking on can help her balance.

So far every age and stage feels like the most fun age.  Noah is so much fun!  He is such a sweet baby, and filled with personality.  He's usually shy for the first few minutes around strangers or a large group of people, but will then warm up and be silly eventually.  Although I do think there's a certain side of him that only comes out when he's alone at home with Jeremy and I in his comfort zone.

A few times recently Noah has let go of the furniture that he's holding onto and been able to stand for a second or two before plopping to the floor.  He hasn't taken a step yet when he's not holding onto furniture, but he gets around our living room just fine by holding onto the coffee table or couch while he "walks" around.

Noah LOVES other kids.  Whenever he sees other kids in stores he stares at them the whole time.  I had two weeks off from watching Luke and Noah was quite thrilled to have Luke back again this week to play with.

This week was the first time that Noah cried and seemed to know that I was gone when I left him with Jeremy's mom.  She told me that he only cried for a minute, but that he was just a little somber the whole time I was gone, and wasn't very interested in eating his lunch.  That is sweet, but I think that I may make more of an effort to leave Noah with others at least once a week so that he doesn't get too dependent on me, and that he learns reassurance that when I leave I'm coming back.

This week we added watermelon, cooked broccoli, and cooked apples to his diet.  Noah continues to nurse 5 times a day, and eat 3 solid meals consisting of combinations of ground up tofu, egg yolks, brown rice cereal, fruits, yogurt, and vegetables.

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Love these pictures! Such a sweet boy :-)