Friday, September 3, 2010

What if?...

Recently my friend Kim linked to a post on Donald Miller's blog encouraging readers to ask them self "What if?..." questions with their lives.  Donald wrote;

What if you asked yourself a series of these questions? What if you got out a yellow pad and wrote down a few story turns that you could engage? What if you ran a marathon? What if you renewed your marriage vows? What if you quit your job? What if you brought home a puppy today? What if you and your family adopted a child?

I really loved this thought process, and have taken some time to reflect, although I don't think that I'm nearly done with that process yet.  Here are my "what if's" so far...
  • What if I watched less TV and spent more time in prayer, journaling, listening to God and reading His Word?
  • What if I gave more?  More of my time.  More of my resources.
  • What if I used all of my words to encourage others (Ephesians 4:29), rather than wasting so many?
  • What if I didn't sweat the small stuff?
  • What if I really loved my neighbor in action and in truth?
  • What if I lived each day like Jesus was coming back tomorrow?
  • What if I really took the time to tell others how much I appreciate them?
  • What if I slowed down, had less commitments?
  • What if I obeyed the Spirit every time He prompted me?
  • What if I got rid of all the things that I don't need and really decluttered and lived more simply?
  • What if I did at least one act of kindness for someone a day?
  • What if I really served others out of love, rather than duty and/ or people pleasing?
  • What if I really listened to others?
  • What if I saw all people the way that God sees them?
What are some of your "what if" questions?


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Kim said...

LOVE your thoughts! What a great exercise! So inspiring! I'm working on running with at least one of mine... Which one of yours might you run with??