Sunday, September 26, 2010

bulk cooking

I spent a good portion of my day cooking up some foods to have stocked in our freezer for after Noah's arrival.  I cooked up 3 lbs of sloppy joe's, 1.5 lbss of  taco meat for tacos or taco salads, and marinara sauce with 1.5 lbs of meat in it.  Thank you Sam's Club for big bulk packages of 90% lean ground beef at $2.98/ lb!  Our freezer is also stocked full of turkey burgers, and I know that some friends are planning on coordinating some meals for us directly after Noah's arrival.  So we should be good for a while with minimal trips to the store for produce, milk, and eggs, and with very minimal cooking/ re-heating.


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Mary said...

You're so good at planning ahead! We ate so many frozen Costco meals after Lauren was born . . . not good! Ha ha :-)