Sunday, September 19, 2010

baby shower #2

today some ladies from church threw me baby shower #2.  i didn't bring my camera to this one, but a friend took some pictures, so maybe i can "borrow" a few to fill in here.

everything was lovely!  i felt super loved and blessed to be surrounded by friends, enjoy conversation, and be spoiled with some more baby goodies for noah.

i'm super fortunate to have several experienced mothers in our congregation whom i will be able to ask all of my new parenting questions to as they arise.

now i have almost everything that i "need" for noah, and just have a few more things that i'm going to  pick up with some gift cards that we received.  then just a little more nesting and washing and we'll be all set.

my how this 8 months has flown by!  it blows my mind to know that we'll be holding our baby boy within roughly a month!


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