Wednesday, July 14, 2010

one of those days

today has just been one of those days.  you know the kind.  we all have them.  where every. single. thing. seems to go wrong.  yeah, one of THOSE days.  in actuality it hasn't been that bad.  first i was running late for my doctor's appointment (i hate being late, and even the very idea of it makes me sweat and angry!).  then i was overwhelmed by our need to choose a pediatrician for noah, and not really knowing where to start.  then i didn't have the registration in my car when i went to get my brake tag inspection.  then i backed into something... both me and the car are okay, just a minor bruise... on the car, not me that is.  then i stained my favorite maternity shirt that is super comfortable.  and all of this before noon.  by mid-day i was frazzled, overwhelmed, and had already cried more tears then i'd like to admit.  i just wanted to give up.  to go home, take a shower, crawl into bed, and start over.

sevearl hours later i was playing a game of computer solitare.  i was stuck.  out of moves to make.  i was about to hit the "deal" button and start all over with a new game, that hopefully i'd have a better chance of winning, and then i realized i still had a move left.  and then that move led to another move, which led to another move, and several moves and minutes later i actually did win the game. 

this game was like my day.  at first glance it seemed hopeless, then as i began to look more deeply i found that there was still hope.  that in spite of all the "bad", that there is still One who is good.  and that He's got me.  and that He's in control.  and that He's faithful, and i can trust Him.  and here i sit thankful for little reminders from the Lord that it's all going to be okay.  that He is still with me.  and that i am loved.



Anonymous said...

At least you won the solitaire game! Mary R.

Mary said...

Oh no! So sorry to hear that you had a tough day. Try not to stress too much over your pediatrician choice. We went to three different ones before finding one we liked best. Your hospital likely partners with a group of pediatricians, and you'll probably meet one or two of the docs while you're staying in the hospital. That's actually how we met Lauren's dr who we LOVE!

Anonymous said...

Those kind of days are hard, but at least you found a way to find something good in it. Hope you're doing well, I've not been visiting too many blogs lately. Take care!