Friday, March 19, 2010

Our new home

On Monday we got the keys to our new home.  Our old place only had one bedroom, so we moved in order to have two bedrooms and enough extra room for the baby.  We loved our old place, and would have stayed there if I wasn't pregnant, but it is nice to have extra room now.  In our new place we have an extra bedroom, plus a whole extra room that we are using as the dinning room (in our old place we just had an eat in kitchen).  We definitely have more room now, but our place isn't spacious, but nice and cozy.  Our new place (like our old place) is a typical New Orleans shotgun double.  A shotgun means that our house goes straight back, from room to room and there aren't any hallways as the rooms just connect directly to each other.  Double means that the home is divided in two, our unit is the one on the right.

Our kitchen and bathroom are much smaller and older than the ones that we had in our old place, but those are probably my only two reservations about our new home.  The neighborhood is much nicer and quieter than our old neighborhood, and we even have some trees.  We are also within walking distance of a park that has a playground, which will be great for our child.  We are also within walking distance of the street car, and an excellent Thai restaurant and a Mediterranean restaurant.  Our new place also has a small back yard, which will be nice.  Perhaps my favorite thing about our new place though is the front porch, that is the one thing that we really wanted in a house before that we didn't have.  We're looking forward to spending evenings sitting on the porch, enjoying the weather, and socializing with our neighbors.

We made a few small trips moving boxes throughout the week, and today was our first day of really diving into moving.  Jeremy's parents helped us, and we were able to get most of our boxes, and most of our furniture all moved today.  This was a great head start, because tomorrow was our actual planned moving day.  We have a few more things to move, some cleaning to do, and then lots of unpacking to follow.  Once the unpacking is mostly done and our place is settled I'll post pictures of the inside.



Mary said...

I love it! What an adorable house! Can't wait to see more.

Mary R. said...

I like it!

The Mangerchine's said...

Thanks ladies!


Anonymous said...

It's adorable!!