Saturday, January 30, 2010

Slow-Cooker Indian Vegetable Curry

Slow-Cooker Vegetable Curry

Serve this over rice for an easy vegetarian dinner. This is one of my favorite vegetarian recipes. I love that it's super easy and loaded with veggies. Sometimes I'll added chopped bell peppers if I have any that need to be used up. I've also added whole chicken breasts before adding all the veggies when we don't want vegetarian and then I just shred the chicken in the slow cooker before serving.

-1 cup vegetable or chicken broth
-1 (15 oz) can diced tomatoes with their juice
-1 (15 oz) can coconut milk
-4-6 Tbsp brown sugar
-3-4 Tbsp curry powder
-1 tsp salt
-1/2 tsp pepper
-1/4-1/2 tsp cayenne
-1 yellow onion, chopped
-1 inch piece of ginger, peeled and grated
-4 cloves garlic, minced
-6 carrots, diced
-1 (15 oz) can chickpeas, drained and rinsed
-1 large potato, peeled and cubed
-1 bag frozen green beans and/ or peas-1 lb baby spinach

Grease or spray a large slow cooker. Add broth, diced tomatoes, coconut milk, brown sugar, curry powder, salt pepper and cayenne; stir to combine. Add onion, garlic and ginger, stir again. Add carrots, chickpeas and potato; stir. Cook on low until vegetables are tender, 4-6 hours. Stir in frozen veggies and cook 30 additional minutes.  Stir in spinach and cook until spinach wilts, about 5 minutes. Serve over rice.


Jana said...

This one looks great! I want to try it as soon as I get my slow cooker unpacked again.

The Mangerchine's said...


You should try it! When Jeremy and I were eating it we both thought of you, and thought that you'd really like it!


Amy said...

wow, yum.
Peas would for sure make a great addition.
I would have to add some chicken, too.
Thanks for sharing!

Sarah said...

Quick question...You say to add spinach at the end, but I don't see it listed in the ingredients. How much should I add...

The Mangerchine's said...

Sorry Sarah, my mistake. I use a bag of baby spinach and stir it in in handfuls until it all fits in the slow-cooker and wilts. About a colander full of regular or baby spinach would be perfect.