Friday, November 1, 2013

23 weeks

Here is what is going on with Elisha according to;

Your baby's getting better at spotting very small objects and tracking moving things. At this point, he may be able to recognize an object after seeing only part of it — like his favorite toy peeking out from under the couch. This will be the basis of little hide-and-seek games you'll be playing in the coming months.

He can also follow an object out of his view. Your baby will reach for a block (or another object) on a table if you hold him close to it, and once he's got one, he may just go after a second.

Earlier your baby learned to distinguish between similar bold colors. Now, he's beginning to sort out subtle differences in pastels. Reading books about colors or playing with colored blocks is a great way to learn about the color palette.
When your baby starts fussing at the supermarket, you may be able to distract him — not for enough time to knock everything off your shopping list, but a few minutes goes a long way these days. Try engaging him with funny faces or a round of "The Itsy-Bitsy Spider."

Clapping your hands, giving him something to hold and mouth, or pointing out new objects in the aisles might work, too. But, remember: For some sensitive babies, the sights, sounds, smells, and overly friendly folks found in stores can be too much.
Your baby's ability to interact with you, others, and his surroundings is growing daily. At this stage, he may start playing little games as he begins to understand that simple actions have results. He may drop objects just to watch you pick them up or to see how and where they fall.

Once he understand that letting go of something is as much fun as picking it up, your baby's world will become more interesting — and yours a good deal messier. Tiring as it sounds, you'd better get used to it. In a few weeks, this will be accompanied by your baby's fits of giggles.

Before long, you'll probably notice the noise level increasing, not only because of your baby's babble but also because he'll find out how much fun it is to bang objects together. Banging, shaking, and mouthing are all ways your baby conducts his experiments on the world.

Elisha is doing great.  He continues to be a very happy, smiley, laid back baby.

He has started "saying" a very early version of "hi".  I remember this was the first wordish sound that we ever heard Noah say also, although we considered mama to be his first word.  Every time Jeremy and I see our kids we say hi, so I think he is beginning to pick up on and try to mimic that sound.

He is still growing at a speedy pace and now, at 5 months, is wearing 9 month clothes.

He loves engaging and interacting with people and he has a little game that he likes to play that we call his "bashful" face.  While I'm holding him over my shoulder he will make eye contact with someone and engage them.  He'll quickly shoot them a big gummy grin before immediately burying his face in my shoulder hiding his eyes as if he is playing shy.  He will do it over and over again and it melts my heart every. single. time.

He loves to be outdoors and go for family walks.  He loves watching and laughing at his brother playing.  He loves sitting on the couch on Sundays and watching football with his daddy.  He seems eager to start eating solid food (we'll start in a few weeks), and eager to get down on the floor and move around and play in the mix of everything.

He is still getting up one or two times per night, but sleeps from almost 8 pm to 8 am with the exception of waking up 2ish times to eat.

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