Wednesday, April 27, 2011

26 weeks

 Here is what is going on with Noah this week according to;

Your baby uses all of his senses to explore and learn about his world. Make sure he has lots of safe things around to touch, mouth, and manipulate. He'll love squishing a soft rubber ball, patting a piece of fake fur, gnawing a chilled teething ring, and hearing a bell jingle inside a stuffed animal. An interesting thing to do: Gather different fabrics and place them next to each other on the floor. Watch your baby's expression as he moves over the varying textures.
Looking at books together will improve your baby's language skills and prime him for a lifelong love of reading. It doesn't matter what type of book you choose. Board books are colorful and sturdy, and books that have pop-up pictures or textured illustrations are also very popular. Your baby won't have the dexterity to open a book or even flip pages until he's between about 9 and 12 months, and he might not yet have the patience to sit still while you read him a story, but don't give up. No matter what your child's age, reading provides a great opportunity for cuddling and socializing.

Starting now, your baby will probably let you know that he's ready to try eating finger foods by grabbing the spoon you're feeding him with or snatching food off your plate. Scatter four or five pieces of finger food onto your baby's highchair tray or an unbreakable plate. (A highchair — not reclined in a car seat or stroller — is the place to eat to reduce choking hazards.) Your baby may have a good appetite but not many teeth, so start with foods that he can gum or that will dissolve easily in his mouth. As he grows you'll be able to give him bite-size pieces of whatever you're eating. Remember that your baby's also learning about texture, color, and smell, so try to offer a variety of foods. Some finger food favorites: O-shaped toasted oat cereal; small chunks of banana or other very ripe, peeled fruit like mango, plum, pear, peach, cantaloupe, or seedless watermelon; small cubes of tofu; well-cooked pasta spirals, cut into pieces; thin cheese strips or very small chunks of cheese; cut-up seedless grapes or cherries (pits removed); blueberries; and small soft pieces of cooked vegetables, like carrots, peas, zucchini, potato, or sweet potato.

 Noah is 6 months old today.  Wow, time flies!!!!!  Noah rolls over all of the time now.  So much so that it is getting difficult to change his diaper or get him dressed because he is constantly flipping over from his back to his belly.  He plays by himself well and is a very content baby.  Frequently when I go in to get him up from a nap now I find him up on his knees and hands rocking back and forth about ready to crawl.  He can sort of push and drag himself a bit in a makeshift crawl, but he usually gets his legs tangled up after a stride or two.  He is still nursing every 3 hours all day long, but also has a solid food feeding mid-morning.  His solid food consists of rice cereal, or avocado, carrots, or sweet potatoes that I've pureed for him.  So far he has liked everything that I've fed him and will eat as much as I'll offer.  He really enjoys the whole eating process and grabs for the spoon and tries to stick his fingers in his bowl.

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Mary said...

Wow, 6 months?! Time sure does fly! He's getting cuter every day!