Sunday, August 1, 2010

Baby Showers and homemade gifts

This weekend was full of baby showers.  I attended one on Saturday for a friend who is due about a month before me.  Then I was a co-hostess for one today for a friend who is due almost two months before me.  This weekend was definitely crammed full of snacky foods, shower games, and baby crafting.

here's a pic from the Saturday shower, of roughly 30 women crammed into a typical New Orleans shotgun home.  see if you can spot my baby bump sticking out.

here's a pic from the Sunday shower of all of the hostesses, plus the honoree Kaitlin (in the black and white dress)

and just for fun....

with all of this baby showering came lots of baby gift making.  i spent most of saturday and sunday sewing, and had the presents all done just in time for each shower... phew!

here's baby shower gift #1... i made a pacifier clip from a suspender clip, ribbon and velcro; a baby headband from stretchy lace and a fabric flower; a crinkle tag toy from stash flannel, ribbons, and a sun chip bag; a ruffle butt onesie onesie from old cut up tshirts (i love using jersey tshirt material since it doesn't fray, and i don't have to hem the edges); and a homemade pink onesie card.  all of these items were made from materials that i already had on hand enabling me to give fun items even when we are on a tight budget

baby shower gift #2... another pacifier clip, another crinkle tag toy, an appliqued guitar onesie, and a homemade card.  again, these gifts were made solely from items that i already had on hand.



Mary said...

I love these pictures and all your crafty goodness! I'll have to check out that ruffle-butt tutorial. Yours is SO cute!

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