Saturday, April 24, 2010

baby stuff

this morning i ventured out with jeremy's mom to load up on baby stuff.  we went and picked up a crib that i had found on craigslist, and stopped by the home of a friend of a friend where i was able to score tons of baby stuff for next to nothing.  now we've gotten almost all of our major purchase baby items out of the way (for next to nothing) and just have cloth diapers and a breast pump as our remaining larger expenses.  i've so much enjoyed the thrill of the hunt and the bargain that i'm a little sad that we have most of the baby stuff that we need now.

i had never even heard of peg perego strollers before, i think they tend to be a good amount most expensive than the brands and models that i had been researching.  from what i have looked up now, they seem to be the cadillac of strollers, to be super top of the line, light weight for their size, and have all the bells and whistles.  this stroller was $70, and the infant carrier/ car seat (which snaps into the stroller for a travel system) was $50.  i think i could have found a lesser brand stroller and infant carrier used for a little cheaper, but i really love these two, and love their dark, gender neutral colors (as i'm sure jeremy loves the fact that they aren't too baby-ish so he can keep his masculinity in tact while pushing it around)

this changing pad was $3.  the lamp and baby monitor on this dresser had been picked up over a month ago from a different yard sale.  the basket i just had lying around, and inside the basket is an ear thermometer that was free, that the friend of a friend just tossed in with the rest of the stuff that i got.  the dresser was free (to us).  it was an old dresser that jeremy's parents were getting rid of, the original color wasn't our taste, but jeremy's mom sanded it for us, and painted it with paint (sort of a pea greenish) that she had already had on hand in her garage from a prior project that she decided not to do.

the crib mattress was $15 from the friend of a friend.  the crib was $40 from craigslist.  it's probably not the exact crib that i would have picked out if i was getting something new (i probably would have gotten a 4 in 1 convertible), but for $40 i feel like it was a great deal!  it met my criteria of matching the rocker that we had gotten from a previous yard sale, and it is also a 2 in 1 convertible crib to toddler bed, which is something that i was looking for.  (this crib isn't fully assembled yet... i battled with it for an hour and then got frustrated and decided to leave it for jeremy)

not pictured:  on friday i had a little time to kill before jeremy got off of work, so i stopped by a second hand childrens store and got a baby bjorn infant carrier for $13.  saturday i also got a matt to put under the infant car seat for $3, which protects the seat of the car from scrathches, spills and scrapes from car seats.  i also got an eddie bauer childs car seat that i can use once our little one outgrows the infant car seat.  i also got a handful of onesies/ jammies for $1 each.  one of them happens to be a while sleeper with red crawfish all over... perfect for our little new orleanean baby! 



Jana said...

Guess if I had read your blog, I would have known everything we just talked about on the phone, but I hadn't seen the new postings.Everything looks great!

Mary said...

Wow, you are the queen of good deals! I'm super impressed! The dresser, changing table looks so great too.

(P.S. - I think I have the exact same Fiskars rotary mat/rotary cutter/rule "starter" set. Yay!)