Saturday, September 19, 2015

Mexican Rice Bowls

Mexican Rice Bowls

This is an easy dish to set up a buffet for that can easily please meat eaters, vegetarians and even gluten-free eaters since everyone gets to assemble their own combination of ingredients. Choose your choice of the toppings below, set up a bar and give guests big bowls to fill up. This also offers you the chance to go easy with store bought ingredients like canned beans or packed guacamole and salsa or you can click the links below for my favorite recipes for these items.

-slow cooker chicken taco meat
-taco meat
-slow cooker pork carnitas
-black beans
-chopped avocado and/ or guacamole
-homemade salsa
-chopped cilantro
-sour cream
-shredded cheese
-cooked rice
-hot sauce
-pickled jalapenos, banana pepperes and/ or red onions
-shredded lettuce, chopped romaine or your choice of salad greens

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