Friday, December 6, 2013

28 weeks

Here is what is going on with Elisha this week according to;

Your baby can now support some of her weight on her legs, and she loves to bounce — something that can strengthen her muscles for walking later on. Hold her under her arms and help her stand up on the floor or on your lap.

You may need to help her start moving by lifting her off the ground (or your lap) but once she starts, just watch her go! Be ready for lots of giggles.

Your baby's fine motor skills are coming along. By now she can probably scoop things up with one hand and transfer an object from one hand to the other fairly easily. Fine motor skills involve small, precise thumb, finger, hand, and wrist movements and are used for actions like picking up things between the thumb and finger.

Gross motor skills are required for activities like crawling, which use large muscles such as those in the arm, leg, or feet or the entire body. To encourage your baby's development of these skills, place a toy just out of your baby's reach and watch her try to get it. If she cries because she can't quite reach it, give her encouragement — but not the toy. She's just venting frustration and will become more physically confident more quickly if you don't make everything easy for her.

After a few tries, she'll be able to lean forward to grab the toy and then straighten herself again. Before long, she'll be rocking back and forth on her hands and knees or maybe creeping (pushing herself around on her belly) or even repeatedly rolling over to move about the room. Help her move around easily by dressing her in loose, comfortable clothes.

Your baby's also showing an interest in small parts and the details of the objects around her. Her ways of exploring are growing beyond banging and gumming, although those are still part of every toy interaction. As she explores, be sure to keep buttons, coins, safety pins, balloons, rocks, and other choking hazards out of reach.

Elisha is still doing great.  

He continues to amaze me at just how happy and laid back he is.

He's still nursing every 3ish hours and eating solid foods 1-2 times a day.  As of now he has happily tried every food that I have given him.  So far we've done rice cereal, banana, avocado, yogurt, sweet potato, and carrots.

He is definitely getting more mobile.  Now if I put him down in the middle of the room within seconds I will find him on the other side of the room against a wall.  He rolls over and over in the same direction until he hits a road block.  He makes some attempts to scoot, but isn't very successful at it.  His best move other than rolling is when he lies on his back and scoots himself by quickly turning his head from side to side and pushing with both legs at the same time.

After a several month hiatus in sleeping through the night, he has started to sleep through the night again this week.  He has gone several days in a row of sleeping from 8 pm-ish to almost 6 am each day.  This makes this mama VERY happy.  Once I have him doing this for over a week, I think I'll be ready to move him from his current bedroom (the living room) to his crib in Noah's room.  He's also taking 2-3 additional naps during the day at about an hour or less each.

One of Elisha's favorite things to do is to go grocery shopping.  I wear him in the baby Bjorn carrier as we walk around the store and he faces out watching everything, and everyone.  His hands hang at the perfect height for him to grab onto the grocery car handle and he grasps it tightly as we walk around the store.  It's quite adorable, it looks like he is pushing the cart.

Here was Noah at 28 weeks.

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