Thursday, August 16, 2012

::this week::

praying:  emotional, spiritual, and physical healing for so many people we know in need of 1 of those.

praising:  new life in Christ for 2 people that Jeremy has gotten to pray with over the last week!

reading:  Deuteronomy, Psalms, Dreaming with God

cooking:  lemon bars, white chicken chili, jalapeno cheddar cornbread, pizza, huevos rancheros, spinach mozzarella breakfast casserole, bacon skewers and prosciutto wrapped melon for a women's brunch

creating:  more Christmas stockings, another re-covered living room pillow, favor tags/ bags for Noah's bday party, appliqued t shirt for Noah's bday party

doing:  planning, setting up for, and attending a women's brunch for our church women's ministry, hosting community group, several walk and playground dates with friends

pondering:  I listened to a sermon recently that mentioned how these sermons we listen to, testimonies we hear, etc. should be activating our faith and spurring us on to greater faith, greater love, and a greater outpouring of those two.  The speaker talked about how if that isn't happening, then all of this spiritual "food" (sermons, discussions, books, etc.) is just entertainment.  I am convicted that I have just been entertained a lot lately.  That I have been learning a lot from things that I listen to, watch, and read, but those have not changed what I do that much.  I don't want to store up knowledge that is not producing fruit.

Absorbing the truth from this quote in Dreaming with God... "Prophetic ministry is not to be focused on the sins of the world.  It takes very little discernment to find the dirt in people's lives.  The prophetic in its purest form is designed to find the gold in people's lives and call it to the surface."  Praying that I would be able to see the destiny of people, to see who they were created to be, and to speak that over them in an encouraging way, spurring them on into the righteousness and calling they were created for.

ministry update:  God continues to make it clear that full-time ministry is where he has us.  He is opening doors to way more opportunities that we can respond to right now, especially with Jeremy still working full-time.  We have not had to look for ministry opportunities, they are coming to us.  One day Jeremy went to a vitamin store and got approached and involved in spiritual conversations with 2 people just in that 1 store, he even ended up in one person's car praying with them.  We will have a once a week prayer/ worship/ ministry gathering starting in Sep, more details on that to come soon.  We are still having a little confusion with the set-up of our ministry with the state and our non-profit status, but hope to be passed all of that soon.  We still have yet to ask anyone for money/ support for our ministry, but have had multiple individuals/ families express interest in supporting us.

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