Thursday, June 10, 2010


As of today I have officially notified my employer that I will be a stay-at-home mom once our baby is born in October.  My employer handled it great and was very supportive.  As of now we plan on interviewing possible replacements for me in early October and then hope to have a little overlap for me to train someone before I leave.

This is all so bittersweet!  I'm so excited for this next season of life, for the blessing of a child, the opportunity to be able to stay home with our little one, the responsibility of raising up the next generation, the freedom to dedicate myself more fully to running our home and family.  But I'm sad to know that this current season of life is quickly coming to an end.  That soon I'll be saying goodbye to a job and co-workers that I love. 

And with our decision for me to stay home (at least as long as we can afford it) comes lots of sacrifice.  With cutting out my entire income we will be cutting out our entertainment/ date fund and will be adjusting other various areas of our budget.  Let's just say that things will be really tight.  But we are ready and excited to embrace that, we have weighed the costs and have decided together that this is the best decision for our family at this time.  Thankfully we are already used to living fairly frugally.  Thankfully we are already used to living on a budget, and therefore have a good understanding of how much it takes a month for us to live.  Thankfully the Lord has provided for us to make this possible.

So here I sit, enjoying the present moment.  Trying to cherish it for all that it's worth, because I know that just around the corner things will all be changing... not for the better, or worse, but it will just be different.  So I enjoy every date night with my husband just a little more knowing that they are limited.  I sit around the lunch table just a little longer with my co-workers, knowing that soon I won't see them everyday.  I savor each moment of sleep, knowing that soon I'll go a time where it will be limited.  I enjoy the freedom to be random and spontanteous and have my husband all to myself, knowing that soon we'll have an additional family member with whom to share ourselves.  I enjoy the long commutes with my husband each day just a little more, knowing that soon he'll be doing the drive all by himself, and that I'll be waiting at home for him after not having seen him all day.  This season of life has been sweet, and I want to enjoy it for all that it's worth before the Lord brings us to the next season.  I want to live in the moment, rather than anxiously awaiting and dreaming of what lies ahead, and all the while forgetting the current goodness that surrounds me.  I want to experience God where I am right now, as He works in and through and around me and not miss a moment with Him.

And so here I am, on the cusp of change, but not quite there yet. 



Kim G. Alford said...

Awesome! Awesome! So glad for you and your coming changes!! Praying with and for you guys as you cherish this season and the next!! Lots of love! <3

Mary said...

Most definitely! Enjoy every minute with your hubby and enjoy your independence and spontaneity and uninterrupted sleep. Many, many good things lie ahead, but NOW is pretty awesome too :-)

Praying for you, friend!

Civilla said...

You won't be sorry.