Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve- Dollar Store Family Tradition

Every year on Christmas Eve we go to the Dollar Store with Jeremy's family and his Dad gives us enough money to buy 1 present for everyone. We sneak around the store picking out items and go home and exchange our gifts. Some end up being gag gifts, and some end up being practical, but they are all great for a good laugh, and fun pictures! Here's some of the excitement from this year...

Jeremy's sister Lisa, with her bag of gifts ready to be distributed

Jeremy with his new gun

Jeremy's Mom, with her antlers

My pile of loot... storage bags, a baking dish, headbands, a foot scrubber, a sewing kit and 2 knock-off shammy cloths

Jeremy's brother Bryan, wearing his light up glasses that I gave him, and holding up the "du rag" that Jeremy gave him

Jeremy's Dad, wearing his pirate hat and making his best pirate face

Bryan, wearing the du rag



Civilla said...

Hey, I LIKE the idea of the dollar store gifts! I'm gonna remember that for next year.

The Mangerchine's said...

It's SO much fun, I promise!!!!