Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Our Christmas

This year for Christmas Jeremy's Dad, Mom and sister Lisa came to visit us for one week and stayed in a timeshare right down the street from us. We packed lots of fun, food, and laughs into the week that they were here, check out some of the pictures below.

Lisa making a silly face

me and Jeremy

Jeremy making his silly face

me making my silly face

Lisa and Mom and Dad Mangerchine, enjoying a game of Phase 10

Since there were no Christmas decorations in the timeshare (where we spent most of our week) we decided to bring over our unused decorations and make our own Christmas tree out of the given shrubbery

If you've been following our blog for any length of time then you should be familiar with my collection of photos of Dad taking naps throughout the day, here's another pic for my collection. Does anyone else actually sleep with pillows on top of them???

Different angle

Mom making her delicious devilled eggs


Check out the bowling shoes and cuffed jeans, stylin!

Dad bowling

Lisa and Dad

My Mom's husband, Francisco, working on a puzzle after church Christmas Eve

Jeremy enjoying our delicious Christmas Eve evening buffet of snack foods as we all hang out and play games

Dad posing by the food

Lisa, my Mom, Francisco and Mom Mangerchine working on the puzzle

Jeremy with "see food"

Dad and Lisa... don't you like her "got presents" shirt?

Francisco caught in the act of dancing to our Christmas music

Jeremy doodling all over his Yahtzee score sheet, you should see the way he fills up a whole piece of paper with doodles during class

This picture needs a little more explanation... it's our Mangerchine tradition that each year on Christmas Eve we all go to the dollar store and pick one present for each person (can be a gag gift or real useful gift), then we go back and exchange them. This has provided us with many laughs over the years and is one of my favorite Christmas traditions now. This Quince Anos (the Spanish version of a sweet sixteen, actually a sweet 15) was Mom's present from Lisa.

Jeremy's collection of police badge, gun and whistle from Lisa.

Lisa's pom poms from me.

Here I am wearing the tiara and earrings that Lisa gave me. I am holding the baby that Jeremy gave me... As he knows that my heart so desires children, but we have chosen to wait for a while before having them my man gave me a baby for Christmas, it was hilarious! I quickly named it baby Whose-a-what, we decided that it's a she and my motherly instincts started kicking in as I admired my little prize possession. Since then we've been playing around with little Whose-a-what and joking about who needs to change her diaper or give her a bath. Don't be surprised if you see her pop up in random family pictures from time to time.

Admiring my little bundle of joy

Daddy's little girl

Me opening gifts on Christmas Day, of course with baby Whose-a-what in tow

Dad with his pull up bar

Lisa with her new shirt

Mom opening her slow cooker

My stack of sewing and cookbooks that I received

Jeremy's Christmas gag vest... maybe this would be a good candidate for our tacky Christmas card outfits for next year

Dad reading us the story of Jesus' birth from the Gospels

Time for another nap

Different angle

Lisa wearing a new visor and tshirt

And another Mangerchine man down, that triptophan is powerful stuff

What did you do for Christmas?



kim.g... said...

shannon, those pictures of your father-in-law napping are some of the funniest i've ever seen!! (i certainly don't know of anyone else who sleeps with pillows on top of them!!) :) funny stuff! looks like you all had such a great time together!! ..looking forward to catching up some more tomorrow! love ya lots!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great time! Lisa is beautiful! (love her shirt too)